Commercial Saw Blade Sharpening in Central Ohio

It takes a high degree of expertise to maintain the quality, finish and long-lasting nature of your specialized blades. Quality Saw & Tool sharpening experts provide exceptional cutting edges.

Our sharpening process ensures that your blade lasts longer, cuts better and saves wear and tear, extending your tool’s total service life. When you consider the equipment investment you’ve already made, ensuring you have the best quality sharpening service has a direct impact on your bottom line!

  • Carbide Tip Replacement
  • Router Bit Sharpening
  • Shaper Cutters
  • Dado Chippers
  • Spiral Router Bits
  • Spiral Compression Bits
  • MultiMaster Blades
  • Carbide Knives
  • High Speed Steel Knives
  • Hand Chisels

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Simplify your sharpening needs with our pickup and delivery options *available in select areas*


Large service orders can be shipped by the pallet for speedy service and return shipping


Walk-ins welcome. Residential blade sharpening services are also available in store

Commerical Bit Sharpening Available