Table Saw Brake Cartridge for 8" Blades (Blue) - Equivalent to TSBC-8R2

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The SawStop Brake Cartridge is the heart of each SawStop saw, stopping a spinning blade on contact with skin. Use the Dado Brake Cartridge with 8 in. dado sets. The brake cartridge is compatible with all woods and other non-conductive materials.

  • Dado brake cartridge stops the spinning blades on contact with skin reducing the chances of a catastrophic injury
  • Spring loaded aluminum block stops the spinning blades within 5 milliseconds of skin detection
  • Engineered specifically for SawStop table saws
  • 1 locking key allows the user to quickly and easily switch between the standard brake cartridge and dado brake cartridge when making standard or dado cuts
  • Includes 1 dado brake cartridge when using 8 in. dado sets